creativity & capitalism

When capitalism catches up to creativity, you get network television. I’ve heard murmurs of ‘The Golden Age of TV’ growing up and never quite registered what that meant. These days: Low quality content, plague with ads. Going back makes you numb and wonder why you did. Now that Social Media has taken another round of nosedives, it makes more sense.

Facebook, as much as I dislike what they did with real names, it was definitive in my formative years. When I got my acceptance letters to college, I recall joining every “Class of 2XXX” group which spun up. Trapped in the household I grew up, it got my first glimpses of the nearby world outside.

Tumblr was my first sticky blog after Xanga. It was a playground to post work-in-progress. It had the hype and without every blowback: copycats, cancellers, plain old mean people. Sharing work in progress online is now rarely worth the cons. (Or maybe back then, I was in a perfect level of visibility. I’ve thought about that too.)

Twitter. I’m most teary eyed about losing Twitter. The writing has been on the wall for awhile, so it’s a soft mourning. This social network is the reason I met Best Friends of now almost a decade. That is wild! (And I am yes that age.) The only platform you could celebrate milestones, shit post intrusive thoughts, and reveal a slice of life. They made it work for awhile and I’ll miss it dearly.