bring back blogs

This new year, I’ll be writing 3 Blog Post as part of Bring Back Blogs! These microblogs (which really suit my ADHD) have been a nice outlet for things that feel too long or random on Mastodon. But for January, I want to spend more time on 3 posts that are more thought out:

  • Sense. My Discord community led me to my ADHD diagnosis. TikTok suspects I’m on the spectrum. Lockdown has been the catalyst of these discoveries. It’s all making sense now.
  • Care. The best skincare routine I’ve yet to uncover was sweat. I was exercising and eating ‘healthy’ to assist those gains. But, in reality, what I did was killing me softly. (I talk about my health a lot, but want to make it 1 tidy post.)
  • Direction. Where do you go when you’ve exhausted all the theories you once had about how to live? When all the instigators of spite, external and internal, have calmed. What happens now after 8 years of therapy and self work?