Doing More Best Work

This was prompted by a blog post by Jodie Cook, who remains to be a consistent source of good habits right now.

So, I thought back back on my best work. They shared these elements:

  • ADHD friendly. The goal & team allowed me to move through all expression centering around the core expertise. Trusted me to land on a solution that made sense in the end. Example: Bringing in learnings about 16 bit color palettes to better a brand color document.
  • Safe space. I could show up genuinely and not mask. Not downplay anything for the sake of other egos. Looks like: Minimal time making “Proof of work” vs actual work.
  • Generative. Solutions weren’t forced. Came organically via problem solving. Suppose this is like the first 2 points combined!
  • Kind. People who showed humanity beyond the job itself. Leaders took on a mentor vibe, but not a mentor title.
  • Everlasting. The heart of the work still lives on. And will be for awhile. When I look back, I realize my Best Work was built with longevity and resilience in mind.
  • Bonus: Cool. Or at least my best friends think so. The NASA JWST game art conversation is the trick up my sleeve for making a new best friend.

(Sorry, I blogged about work.)