in/out listy list

So, I spent the first days of my New Year down bad with a cold (a regular ol’ one) and a pile of unplanned life chores. Thus, there probably won’t be long form fancy blog posts in January. That updated timeline is 2023 Q1. (lol)

I did see this in/out list format from your posts! So, I thought I’d do it for myself too.

in for 2023

  • making art bc i want the art to exist
  • writing some code for fun again
  • thanking the system for existing, even should it be abandoned quickly after i created it
  • kindness
  • an eye on everlasting systems and things
  • essentialism
  • all black, all silk wardrobe
  • finding direction, always and continuously
  • breaking routines
  • cooking meals
  • reading (more)
  • making strides towards decoupling from the US longterm
  • dog time
  • refining every bit of necessary life to its best form
  • making life worth living with the things that matter

out for 2023

  • instagram, tiktok, all time sucking social media with no value add
  • being around people who make me depressed
  • hoarding things i use never or once
  • keeping things around for the wrong reasons
  • retail therapy
  • houseplants
  • therapy without everyday practice
  • waiting to take that short trip
  • excuses
  • existing for others
  • capitalism conflated with life meaning