anti anti skincare routine

Lately I’ve been fed up with mystery rashes and dry patches. I observed my skin was at its best late summer of last year:

  • A peak of the exercise routine. I worked out nearly every day. The sweat pushed out the grime in my pores and off my mind. At my best, I would be more upset than secretly glad if I missed a workout.
  • Relatively less stressed. I also worked towards an art show and community meet-up, which gave me purpose plus a healthy amount of cortisol. A balance of this ‘good hustle’ was essential to well being.

Unfortunately, that streak ended when I suffered an allergy attack that almost sent me to the emergency room.

I’ve found that on the same multi-step skincare routine made no difference between that best and worst time. No product was able to slough off the cysts or hide the sad appearance.

These are the only things I’m using now:

  • Sunscreen + Moisturizer: In the AM, before any sunlight exposure past 20 minutes. I just wear a hat if it’s under 20 minutes to keep my face product free.
  • Cleanser: Any time during a shower to dissolve things water can’t.
  • Moisturizer: Any time after cleanser.
  • Aquaphor: At night mostly. Sometimes during the day if I don’t plan to be out to maximize moisture lock-in time.

That’s it! We’ll see again if anything changes.

P.S. I linked my choice of products via affiliate links, which helps me pay for things like dog food.