no more floats!

The past 2 weeks or so, I found the CSS Conf + Design Systems folks on Mastodon. Since then I’ve gotten around to:

  • Removing the floats from my now revived personal website. (The URL isn’t my favorite tbh and I regret not picking up when I saw it!)
  • Moved off the now sunsetted Atom. VS Code is really nice! Thanks for the unanimous suggestion. I understand why.
  • I put back this internet page too. I’m flattered people still ask about it this many years later. I think I can also do something even more extra now with CSS grids.
  • Began Andy Bell’s Learn Eleventy from Scratch v1 tutorial. I’m on Lesson 8. I’d probably be further along if I didn’t need glasses… lol.
  • It turns out I’m nearsighted again 10 years post LASIK. It was still worth it. I used to be farsighted in one eye and had the astigmatism in the other.
  • I’ll also probably move this blog off WordPress with my soon to be newfound SSG prowess. Just behaving to spec!