• THE banana cream pie

    This is the only photo I left tagged on my personal account. It’s probably really silly that I did this.

    I remember being giddy to discover there were Tartine Bakery locations in Los Angeles. I brought home the pie and took out a piece before realizing I wanted to text a photo to someone. I thought the photo looked quite all right and posted it too, back in an era when I did that. Whoever runs the Tartine Bakery account liked it too. It reminds me of an era where more of social media weren’t these moments that are entirely manufactured.

    I just really like the pie and it continues to have a place on my list of High Value Treats.

    Also, too bad the blog’s CSS forces my titles to all be lowercase because the THE is screaming in the title.

  • rebuilding momentum

    A number of setbacks killed the momentum I built last year. I’m trying to regain it again. I find this interval to be doable when restarting:

    • Warm-up. If the stretch sequence is too long, I won’t want to do it. So, to cater to my ADHD brain. I do 8x reps of 8 simple stretches which takes less than 10 minutes. Then I walk until a breath longer than I need to before I begin the run portion.
    • Run for 1 min 45 sec. It’s just short enough I push myself to run the entire time.
    • Walk for 3 mins. It’s longer than I need to rest, which becomes necessary if I want to repeat this 2 more times.
    • Repeat twice. Then when it gets too easy, build upon this routine until 1 consecutive mile feels necessary to have a good day.

  • pin this quote

    Have you ever noticed those people whom you see jogging day after day? They are the ones who seem not to need to jog. But that’s why they are fit. Those who are wealthy work at staying financially fit. But those who are not financially fit do little to change their status.

    The Millionaire Next Door

    I read this book after paying off my student loans about a decade ago. Then, I got lost along the way. There were reasons, but the important thing is being back here again.

  • soft reset

    A silver lining of having to do another round of antibiotics is that I can eat whatever I want. Here’s an ode to everything that tasted really good after having to avoid it for months:

    Banana Cream Pie. This is deathly. The artificial sweeteners, the banana, the dairy. I’m not sure it was worth it unless it it’s the Tartine Bakery pie… The consequences of eating persist even though there is permission. Suppose this qualifies as the Highest of Value Treat.

    Soondobu and the rest of the Banchan. Tofu and pickles are a huge food group in my life that’s been knocked out. When offered the barely half a meal leftovers, I jumped on it. The deep fermented umami and spices are ones I miss dearly.

    This constraint also makes it impossible to eat socially with vegans and some vegetarians. A part of me likes having an excuse. It’s exhausting being around people who tout their dietary restrictions for fun, when accidentally eating the wrong thing sends me to the floor. I understand better now, the frustrations of being social with food allergies and celiac disease.

    Broccoli. Wow, I miss the crunch and flavor. I’ve never had a vegetable taste so viscerally good like that first bite.

    Snacking. I sure missed snacking. I am snacking now to feed the bad bacteria in hopes they all come out from dormancy. Supposedly doing this means they’ll be prime targets for the antibiotic regime to come.

  • why bojack (the show) is great

    I suppose I wanted to put this into words, if only for myself.

    Every character is deeply flawed. You get to know just why they behave the way they do. You, as the viewer, see these inevitable consequences and train wrecks come. You cheer when they get a little win in their lives. You cry when they dig even more into what’s been passed onto them. It’s all so very real and anything but a one dimensional cartoon.

    I think about my own shortcomings and the things people have done in my lives. Reframing it, if it were my own Bojack show, softens the rough edges. I wonder what’s made everyone so deeply flawed. It’s easier to believe most things aren’t done with malicious intent, at least originally, that way.

    As for things I really don’t jive with, I’m about to begin Season 5 where Diane Nguyen begins an arc where she digs into her heritage. It bothers me that they couldn’t cast a POC voice actress. And it bothers me even more the casted actress put out pithy words acknowledging the issue without any action. Thoughts and prayers vibes.

    That said, I still watch and enjoy the show! It’s only in moments that it’s just too much man.

  • old acquaintance

    There are obvious episodes to sing accolades in Bojack Horseman. I wanted to write about the one that deeply strikes my chords on a personal level. Perhaps obvious, but spoilers.

    P.S. This is my 4th time re-watching the series. I highly recommend it. It might be my favorite animated series of all time.

    Princess Carolyn. On first watch, I thought PC was annoying. Her extroversion turned me off. But as the series progressed, we see more of her nuances. Her softer side looking towards her desire to be a mother. At this point, she does it all.

    Losing herself in the hustle. In this episode, she displays the most hyper focused ADHD thing: Trying to juggle multiple lines at once. She’s also determined to find her justice. Her feelings towards Vanessa Gecko and messiness with Rutabaga are relatable. Nothing in real life is ever clean cut.

    The Good Guys. This episode leads up to her rude awakening that work can’t be her everything. She overshoots the moon. It’s very understandable she couldn’t lose the support of Laura’s assistance at the time. But PC also lacked maturity as a leader to see that there could be another way.

    At the end, we see the idea of who is the ‘good guy’ get flipped on its head. This will always stand out to me as reminders that everyone is their own MCs, no one is particularly all good nor bad, the idea of anyone ‘deserving’ anything isn’t real. Sometimes, several things just come to a head.

    A sentiment I come back to a lot lately is:

    You aren’t responsible for everything that’s happened to you, but you are responsible for what you do next.

  • Yakread

    Today I came across Yakread via Robin Sloan’s Labs newsletter. It consolidates RSS feeds, newsletters, Mastodon toots, and more into one place.

    At this time, I’m reading newsletters on random days as folks send them. Or going back to Mastodon to procrastinate.

    It’s still a theory if this will work, but here we go!

    P.S. If you want to try it out here too: https://yakread.com/u/sonder (Disclaimer: Referral link, has this here blog selected optionally.)

  • no more floats!

    The past 2 weeks or so, I found the CSS Conf + Design Systems folks on Mastodon. Since then I’ve gotten around to:

    • Removing the floats from my now revived personal website. (The URL isn’t my favorite tbh and I regret not picking up susanl.in when I saw it!)
    • Moved off the now sunsetted Atom. VS Code is really nice! Thanks for the unanimous suggestion. I understand why.
    • I put back this internet page too. I’m flattered people still ask about it this many years later. I think I can also do something even more extra now with CSS grids.
    • Began Andy Bell’s Learn Eleventy from Scratch v1 tutorial. I’m on Lesson 8. I’d probably be further along if I didn’t need glasses… lol.
    • It turns out I’m nearsighted again 10 years post LASIK. It was still worth it. I used to be farsighted in one eye and had the astigmatism in the other.
    • I’ll also probably move this blog off WordPress with my soon to be newfound SSG prowess. Just behaving to spec!
  • things under 10 minutes

    Lately I’ve built habits by doing things that are under 10 minutes.

    My current favorite stretching routine is 8 minutes. Insight Timer has a bunch of content sorted by time. There’s a mindful eating routine that’s only 3 minutes. More often than not, this also tricks me into doing the habit longer.

  • anti anti skincare routine

    Lately I’ve been fed up with mystery rashes and dry patches. I observed my skin was at its best late summer of last year:

    • A peak of the exercise routine. I worked out nearly every day. The sweat pushed out the grime in my pores and off my mind. At my best, I would be more upset than secretly glad if I missed a workout.
    • Relatively less stressed. I also worked towards an art show and community meet-up, which gave me purpose plus a healthy amount of cortisol. A balance of this ‘good hustle’ was essential to well being.

    Unfortunately, that streak ended when I suffered an allergy attack that almost sent me to the emergency room.

    I’ve found that on the same multi-step skincare routine made no difference between that best and worst time. No product was able to slough off the cysts or hide the sad appearance.

    These are the only things I’m using now:

    • Sunscreen + Moisturizer: In the AM, before any sunlight exposure past 20 minutes. I just wear a hat if it’s under 20 minutes to keep my face product free.
    • Cleanser: Any time during a shower to dissolve things water can’t.
    • Moisturizer: Any time after cleanser.
    • Aquaphor: At night mostly. Sometimes during the day if I don’t plan to be out to maximize moisture lock-in time.

    That’s it! We’ll see again if anything changes.

    P.S. I linked my choice of products via affiliate links, which helps me pay for things like dog food.