• gains, in the literal sense

    It was inevitable, I lost the original cadence writing here. Being online is different than it was in my past. I’m more hesitant to share the really real stuff. That’s not a bad thing, more of a factual thought. But I did think of something I wanted to share.

    cw: eating / weight talk

    I lost a hefty amount of weight during the pandemic and struggled to gain it back.

    So, for the first time since 2020, I now weigh $baseline + 1 lbs!

    The last time I broke $baseline was college.

    Which is to say, 1 lb doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a lot to me. Especially when it’s from muscle.

  • creativity & capitalism

    When capitalism catches up to creativity, you get network television. I’ve heard murmurs of ‘The Golden Age of TV’ growing up and never quite registered what that meant. These days: Low quality content, plague with ads. Going back makes you numb and wonder why you did. Now that Social Media has taken another round of nosedives, it makes more sense.

    Facebook, as much as I dislike what they did with real names, it was definitive in my formative years. When I got my acceptance letters to college, I recall joining every “Class of 2XXX” group which spun up. Trapped in the household I grew up, it got my first glimpses of the nearby world outside.

    Tumblr was my first sticky blog after Xanga. It was a playground to post work-in-progress. It had the hype and without every blowback: copycats, cancellers, plain old mean people. Sharing work in progress online is now rarely worth the cons. (Or maybe back then, I was in a perfect level of visibility. I’ve thought about that too.)

    Twitter. I’m most teary eyed about losing Twitter. The writing has been on the wall for awhile, so it’s a soft mourning. This social network is the reason I met Best Friends of now almost a decade. That is wild! (And I am yes that age.) The only platform you could celebrate milestones, shit post intrusive thoughts, and reveal a slice of life. They made it work for awhile and I’ll miss it dearly.

  • other worldly

    Who stacked all these rocks anyways?
    I light parkoured in this outfit.
    Touch fuzzy get dizzy.
    Octillo patch.

    All from the same National Park!

  • trees of time

    Big tree with exposed roots on Minerva Hoyt trail.

    We went to Joshua Tree for my birthday. On the actual day, there was a witness of the rebirth of time. And how what’s in front of you was there all along.

  • gremlin

    Text: JB has taken to sitting under benches like a little troll…

    Just a regular morning getting embarrassed by my Shiba Inu. I used to think he was an exception, but it turns out he was just young. Now that JB is approaching 4 human years old, he wants to interact with other dogs way less. He sits between my legs and hides, until other dogs walk into Verve Coffee. Then he makes snarly noises. Embarrassing.

  • health journey: nutrition

    It’s been about 4 months since I’ve started to exercise regularly. This time around, I’m trying to improve my nutrition density and build muscle. Instead of writing 1 mega post about my health journey I’ll never finish, here are quick notes around successes so far eating well.

    tl;dr I don’t track in detail or fight my inclinations. I eat as much as I can when I’m hungry. I focus my energy into increasing all the ways I get can get protein.

    Don’t fight your flow.

    Having to count every calorie demotivates me. So, I only counted calories for 1 week to measure my baseline. Generally: Anything that makes me want to Actual Healthy Thing less (eating), I cut out from routine (measuring).

    I see a Registered Dietician. The biggest reason I was in a calorie deficit was because I never want to eat when I wake up. To an extreme. If I force it, I’ll retch. Every “Morning Person Up at 5am” blog has made me feel like I could never be healthy.

    My RD was the first professional to agree with my flow. Instead of breakfast, I’ve changed my afternoon snack into a fuller meal. So my meals look like: Wake-up Snack, Meal 1: Lunch, Meal 2: Afternoon Eats, and Meal 3: Dinner.

    Choosing what to do with your efforts.

    Vitamins & Supplements are beneficial, but only if they’re specific to you. Just about every post will tell you to pick up some Vitamin B Complex and then some.

    My RD validated that Creatine is a research backed supplement most ectomorphs benefit from. Since I’m trying to gain, I was already taking it for bulking reasons too.

    My primary care doctor added measurements to my annual bloodwork panel. To my surprise, I was only deficient in Vitamin D. (Surprise because I live in Los Angeles.)

    So, those are the only 2 things I take.

    My remaining efforts go into finding ways to add protein throughout the day. This has looked like:

    • Spoonfuls of Almond Butter.
    • Frozen Edamame on hand for use.
    • Dried Shrimp in any stir fry.
    • Add 1 more Egg to every dish.
    • Making ‘Ovaltine’ Lattes: Oatly + Whey Chocolate Powder in this frother.

  • new ink pieces

    New black ink & metallic copper paintings.

    I’d love to show these! Particularly interested in SoCal + Vegas. Open to galleries, cafes, or anyone with a wall who wants to collab. Updated my Contact Page with an art show resume.

  • paprika

    text: opening up the seam

    Continuing from before. Intrusive Thoughts: Unzipping JB’s head a la Satoshi Kon’s Paprika. (There’s probably not much in that walnut brain.)

  • no ethical consumption

    My reading habits: 1x boring book in rotation. It’s Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow at the moment.

    Chapter 3: The Human Spark

    Harari speaks about deities the ancient cultures worshipped. These abstractions allowed humans to organize en masse making structures like pyramids possible.

    He then connects this to modern corporations. With how pervasive consumerism is, corporations are our new deities.

    As an agnostic, this line connecting has messed with how I’ve perceived the world after lately.

  • Shiba Inu Seam

    Text: JB has a seam on his head…

    Comic project reality check:

    My toxic trait was thinking I could actually draw 4 complete panels in 90 minutes. (I managed to do 1.5!)

    Granted, the allergy shot process included interruptions. The workspace I have is also not ergonomic at all.

    I’m also rusty, so remembering How to Draw is taking some time. I’m referring to the process of putting pen to virtual paper. It’s been awhile. I’m trying to find my creative thrive again.

    I’m not crazy. Look at that seam. What is he hiding.